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TAMGA Designs

Rated: Good

price: $$$$

location: Canada

TAMGA Designs is a Canadian brand that seeks to discover colorful and sustainable fashion with people and planet in mind.

TAMGA Designs sustainability rating


4 out of 5


3 out of 5


4 out of 5

Overall rating: Good

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TAMGA Designs' environment rating is 'good'. It uses a high proportion of eco-friendly materials including Tencel Lyocell. It uses plastic-free packaging. It reuses some of its offcuts to minimise textile waste. Its use of eco-friendly materials limits the amount of chemicals, water and wastewater used in production.

Its labour rating is 'it's a start'. It has a Code of Conduct that covers all of the ILO Four Fundamental Freedoms principles. It has a project to improve wages in its final stage of production. It traces all of its supply chain. It visits most of its suppliers regularly.

Its animal rating is 'good'. It does not use any animal products but it does not state that it's vegan.

TAMGA Designs is rated 'Good' overall.

Last updated August 2022