Karen Walker

Rated: Not good enough

price: $$$$

location: New Zealand

Karen Walker is not taking adequate steps to manage its greenhouse gas emissions.

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2 out of 5

Overall rating: Not good enough

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Karen Walker is owned by Karen Walker Group.

Its environment rating is 'not good enough'. It uses a medium proportion of eco-friendly materials including organic cotton. There is no evidence it reduces its carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions. There is no evidence it minimises packaging. There is no evidence it implements water reduction initiatives.

Its labour rating is 'it's a start'. It has a Code of Conduct that covers all of the ILO Four Fundamental Freedoms principles. It has an external grievance mechanism where reporting can be made anonymously. It monitors health and safety issues with an internal procedure. It is unclear whether it ensures payment of a living wage in its supply chain. It does not disclose any policies or safeguards to protect suppliers and workers in its supply chain from the impacts of COVID-19.

Its animal rating is 'not good enough'. There is no evidence it has a policy to minimise the suffering of animals. It uses leather, wool, exotic animal hair and silk. It does not use fur, down, exotic animal skin or angora. It traces some animal products to the first stage of production.

Karen Walker is rated 'Not good enough' overall.

Last updated November 2021