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The Social Studio

Rated: Great

price: $$$$

location: Australia

Founded in 2009, The Social Studio is a safe place of belonging that strives to create awareness and change public perceptions for people who have experienced being a refugee.

The Social Studio sustainability rating


5 out of 5


5 out of 5


4 out of 5

Overall rating: Great

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The Social Studio's environment rating is 'great'. It uses a high proportion of eco-friendly materials including upcycled materials. It manufactures locally to reduce its carbon footprint. Its use of eco-friendly materials limits the amount of chemicals, water and wastewater used in production.

Its labour rating is 'great'. It is an NGO dedicated to improving the lives of young Australians who come from a refugee or migrant background. Its facilities are certified by Ethical Clothing Australia. It traces all of its supply chain.

Its animal rating is 'good'. It does not use any animal products but it does not state that it's vegan.

The Social Studio is rated 'Great' overall.

Last updated October 2020