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Fabienne Chapot

Rated: It's a start

price: $$$$

location: Netherlands

Born and raised in Amsterdam, Fabienne Chapot is a brand that favours prints designed in-house, rich colours, feminine tailoring and quirky details.

Fabienne Chapot sustainability rating


2 out of 5


3 out of 5


3 out of 5

Overall rating: It's a start

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Fabienne Chapot's environment rating is 'not good enough'. It uses some eco-friendly materials including recycled materials. There is no evidence it minimises textile waste. There is no evidence it reduces its carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions. There is no evidence it implements water reduction initiatives in most of its supply chain.

Its labour rating is 'it's a start'. It states it has a Code of Conduct but does not publicly share it. It has a project to improve wages in part of its supply chain. It traces some of its supply chain. It audits all of the final stage of production.

Its animal rating is 'it's a start'. It does not use fur, down, exotic animal skin, exotic animal hair or angora. It states that it sources wool from non-mulesed sheep. It uses leather.

Fabienne Chapot is rated 'It's a start' overall.

Last updated July 2021